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Kristoff Krane

"Settling It Off (Rap Remix)"

[Peter Wolf Crier]
Innocent beloved throne
Won of rite a lie you stole
Then recite a little prayer for truth
Then recite a little prayer for truth

In the arms of one to come
Safe from harm and going numb
Then recite a little prayer for you
Then recite a little prayer for you

You're eyes to eyes
You're nose to nose
Wherein apart
Within our soul
You'll beat no more

[Verse 1: Joe Horton]
It's been a long time since I got bit by the summer, back
When I had my chains tangled up in the covers
Me and some other nobodies smothered inside another's lies
It's hard to be afraid, then separate from the other side
So when the paved road becomes the only way home
Being in control is all you get to believe
When the voices in your head make the burn feel funny
They can't see the water, too busy playing with fire
Survival is better without the money
Livin' poor as a slave by any other name means
Livin' freer with pride, the wise pack light
It's good to be the king, until the prince pulls a knife
He says bite down tight
This is what the cuts on your mind taste like
So what if I slit my lips loose into sixteenths(?)
I'd rather I drown than murder more of my instincts

[Peter Wolf Crier]
Wherein my heart
Is where I'll bleed
Brought from coal living off the heat
Until new I won't die I won't grow

[Verse 2: Kristoff Krane]
Stop now, and start the process as soon as possible
I've waited way too long for this conflict not to unlock itself
But that's just how I cope, when it gets cold I touch the stove
Until the force behind my eyes forces my skull outside the hole
For every obstacle there comes a glimpse of clarity
The times that I forgot to grow remind me how to care again
Bury me, although I never wanted to, I needed you
You wouldn't let me go until somebody new believed in you
You held a knife up to my head to get your point across
I lost a life and both my legs and stretched my arms across a cross
As a choir soon I felt myself drift
Straight into the only memory left, I had of you to miss
The glass is empty now everything happens all at once
If you just full of life, dead to the past, fall in love
A coward crosses brothels, watches as the shame appears
Turns himself into the warrior he's claimed to be for years

[Peter Wolf Crier]
You're eyes to eyes
You're nose to nose
Wherein apart
Within our soul
You'll beat no more

[Verse 3: Crescent Moon]
All my life, all my days, I've tried to sit and count the ways
That I could bend the truth, invent the proof, before I fall away
All I want, all I wish, to fill the cup and call it bliss
And crush the doubt coming out your mouth, each time I ball my fists
Call it peace, call it war, just call it 'fore its out the door
And it don't recognize you, just despises the force you fightin' for
I, I, I, can't call it like I see it, cause
My, my, my vision can't make a decision
Don't believe it, the hype, the war, the lies, the wool
They pull over our eyes, injury to insult
I planted my seeds, with greed choke the roots out
Move out the noon, housefire headed due south
Soapbox preachin', from high Heaven to holy Hell
I bet they know me well, flip the dime, time can only tell
No position, no, no particular condition
Distance is the destiny, the rest of me is driftin'

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