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"Freaks and Geeks (Freestyle)"

What up, Childish!

My name is Fonzie, but I'm far from being cool
I'm just a nerd with a lot of swag, ain't that funny dude
How they used to f*ck with me, but luckily I made it
Now I'm the one who's talking sh*t, and they constipated
Well goddamn it, I'm the man of the century
He's immaculate - story, so I guess I'm making history
Repeat it, well rewind it, cause the flow is top priority
And I ain't got time to waste, so I'm gon' spit this glory see
Ha- I'm in they ass, like suppository
Now he ain't the same, coach put me in the game
You say you better than me, that's a hyperbole
I'm 'bout to crack the egg, cause I'm inside her ovaries
Overly and drastically, I did it, cause they asking me
Your girl is in my phone and she's super hero flashing me
But call me Peter Parker, the blacker version
Man y'all can never Mary me, the blacker virgin
I mean "f*ck" because I'm married to this game, polygamist
Cause monogamy's redundant, so may I have your number miss
I lost my brain, now she tryna screw me
I need a doctor and a 'suces, so they yelling "who me!"

Okay a hundred million b*tches, with my number on they pictures
Sending back, replacing memories, with images of titers
I mean titties. Who am I kidding. I'll never love again and I guess that's fate
I don't have ex's, I have "Y's, like why the hell did we ever date
I'm never late, to alive for that
So after me, there will be none, ain't no coming back
The ones you take a bullet for, are the ones that are pulling the trigger
I'm not your average n*gga
I'm at the maximum altitude, speeding in my mind
She wants to f*cking blow my brains, but I left the gun behind
Am I crazy, well, I'm so insane and out of sanity
I'm so fly, that it defies the rules of gravity
You are cordially invited, to what we doing to be honest
They say that history repeats itself, this right here was promised
I'm 9/11 blowing up, somebody call the cops
This is a cardiac arrest, I'm going til my heart stops
Agh! I'm in the building, y'all are in the f*cking shower
Malcolm X, no one should have all that power
But it's mines and I'm never sharing
But most you n*ggas is my kid, as a parent, I won't leave you malnourished
f*ck the world, make me c*m, and let my semen flourish
I'm the one, Thomas Anderson, so please don't be discouraged
Live from the battle scene
He done lost his f*cking mind, guillotine

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