"See Through"

I don’t need a gang
Yu see I came in with this big tool
Dead behind the eyes
You never knowing what I been through

[verse 1]
I can’t take it any longer
Scratching at the surface
Buried like a mortar
Finger f**king call it torture
Chamber getting emptied
Vomit from the horror
You is a narc reporter
I’m in love with violence
Maybe a disorder
Militant I’m an extorter
Yeah citizen killing them
Urban aborter
I don’t wanna seeing another f**king face
I’m tripping off the acid u distorted like an 808
I can’t see my body all I feel hate
Stretch you like elastic
Digging deeper my blade penetrate
I don’t need religion I just demonstrate
Burning up my body
Immolation self eliminate
Cancer in my body
I can’t get away
Rusting in gums my knuckles dragging
Through my own decay
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