Jazz Cartier

"The Love, Pt. 3"

[Verse 1]
I been feelin' lonely for some time now
Can I connect with you, maybe have sex with you
A lot been blessing you, can I invest in you
Top flight how I'm protecting you
I'm projecting you might head up my boo thang
I love you like a moon loves to swang
I love you like a phone loves to ring, how a desert loves to rain, how a bird loves to sing, I'm back on that sh*t
Love you like a trampoline lovin' a backflip
Love you like a [?],love a hip
Love a gun, love a clip
I'm a little more polished now
I'm way more conscious now
I can recognize game from a 100 yards away
Throw that ass like Shay
Love you like blood loves [?], like Tara loves stay
Like Thomas Jefferson use to love upon the slaves
Like, Donald Trump loves the KKK
I love you like confederate flags in the deep South
I love you like white girls love them cornrows and tanned skin and big fake asses that no one has [?]
Maybe they hope that, maybe they know that
We didn't notice
I love you like, like Clark loves Lois
I'm a little more focused than I was back then
Back when, I wrote songs for the PM
Love you like a real man should
I need to take you way more
I need to give you love at the core
I love you like Adam loves Eve
'Cause even thoughshe ate from the tree that's his wife and they ride together
Like, they the [?]
We fly together, yeah
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