Crosshairs (Freestyle) lyrics

Lupe Fiasco

Yeah yeah yeah, yeah yeah yeah, yeah, huh

Message from the DOOM fans
Whoops, who left the whips for the coons' hands
I heard they want equity in the broom brands
Royalties from the cotton fields, forty acres of moon land
Scram, quick before the portal ends
Mind the coral, especially around your dorsal fins
Could be horrible
You can go from adorable to barely mortgageable
I’m just warning you of possible injuries
If you wanna live long as centipedes
You gotta learn how to make lemonade to lemon trees
Going rate’s five dollars a sip
Pro tip: no rips, I only smoke when the Pope’s picked
Take the whole trip, with the old, swole, swift ex-dreadlock, headlock with both pits
Livin' off borrowed time the clock tick faster
Emcees in the class observe the slick master
Master or man, kept a handle on the craft
Like a fine dew, a fine blend of words that you love like a mom duke
Verbal diversion 'fore the pocket picked
To fund your favorite main chick use whip shopping tricks
It’s carefully constructed, precisely overseen, and then merrily conducted
Was barely interrupted
Rarely ever f**ked with
Make a Midas out of everything he touches
And that’s how the vibe goes
Two trails of rust running from out of the eyeholes
I'm crying like a grown man
I promise to make rappers snatch mics out of they own hands
Exactly how you taught us
We’ll take it from here, but look how far you brought us

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