Rhett and Link

"The Alien Curse Words Song"

[Rhett and Link:] Sometimes things happen to me, that make me want to curse. Like when I accidentally forget, where I left my manpurse
[Link:] Not that I have a manpurse
[Rhett:] But I would prefer not to offend fellow humans 'cos I am one!
[Rhett and Link:] If there was only cursing terminology that seemed appropriate in all situations....

[DeStorm:] Hey guys, guess what?
[Rhett and Link:] What?
[Destorm:] Yo, I landed on a planet that we used to call Pluto. These aliens attacked. I could'a sworn they known judo! I made it out alive with a gift to humanity. To my surprise it was a satchel of profanities! Peep gang. It was words like;
[Rhett and Link:] Boomshkie
[Destorm:] They said that
[Rhett and Link:] Sn***lesnoorp, Swaqqaffufle, Imzow, Zilkrek, Glepoosh, Dartafus
[Destorm:] So offensive!
[Rhett and Link:] Dubopshazinski
[Destorm:] Wow
[Rhett and Link:] Frozen cherries, Flingpoot, Waflank, Derbragel, Blarfelnoggle!

[Destorm:] And then they had the nerve to say
[Rhett and Link:] Florplestompkin!

[Destorm:] So I call NASA and I get outta there! Yup...
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