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Rhett and Link

"Science Project Song"

They say that you can never win
with a Styrofoam solar system science project
but I'll try

I'll be that guy
so easy to make and so fun to see
with pleasing symmetry
non-corrosive paint and coat hanger wire.
They say that the volcano
went the way of the buffalo
but I'll prove them wrong.
All day long
little vinegar and some bakin' soda
get a load of the exploder
he sign of the light and the owner's song
the pressure is almost too much to handle
I wanna make a good impression on the panel
never knew the difference in a demonstration and experiment
but if anyone asks I'll never let on
I'll never make the same mistake I made last year
my worstest fear:
I switched up my results and conclusion
Everybody knows Jimmy's a sure shoe-in
cause his daddy made it for him.

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