Believe Me lyrics

Roland Faunte


Excuse me
I need you to believe me
In order to convince myself
I need to convince someone else

Excuse me
It’s a matter of my safety
You can tell me that I’m crazy just
Don’t tell me it’s not real

Excuse me
Would you lend me your opinion
There’s nothing wrong as far as I can tell
How’s it possible this feels like hell?

Excuse me
I’m not so certain that I’m worthy
Don’t mean to ask for help I don’t deserve
So many peoplе have it worse


But I
Have run out of things to try
Whеn I say how I’ve been feeling
I see the doubt in people’s eyes

And pain
Feels a thousand times more dangerous
When I can’t say for certain
Why exactly I am hurting

And that’s why
I need you believe me
You might not think it’s real
But this can’t be how I’m supposed to feel

I owe my thanks
To the people that believed me
I can’t prove the things I feel
But they still trusted they were real


It was so soothing
To find out I’m not a loser
I have a weight that no one else can see
Won’t compare myself to healthy people

I keep healing
As I say what I’ve been feeling
Stop saying we all feel that way
When you’ve never thought you might not stay

It’s not weakness
To start spilling out your secrets
And start telling people I need help
I no longer cannot hurt myself

It’s not strong to
Just pretend there’s nothing wrong you
Will be the hero in your story when
You start letting other people in

I think it’s brave
I think that lives just might be saved
When people talk about their pain out loud
No more things that we don’t talk about

Though in the end
All my burdens are my own
I can feel them getting lighter when
I talk about them with my friends


Now I
Have a couple things to try
I have a name for what I’m feeling
I can finally see it clearly

And pain
Feels a thousand times less dangerous
When I can say for certain
This is real and I am worth it

‘Cause war
A war cannot be won
If the soldiers always question
Is this enemy imagined

Now I
Know a couple things to try
To conquer silent pain
You gotta look it in the eye
And call it by its name

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