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Des Rocs

"Living Proof"

Through all this pain
And all of the loss
I paid the heavy price
When they vowed to shut me off

Wrapped up in chains
And alone in the dark
Told lies so many times
Cause they’re afraid of what we are

This house was a fairy tale
Hiding songs of a kiss and tell
Some martyr tried to wish me well
But that fire’s gotta feed

I’m living proof that the worst can be beat
If ya pull yourself together you can get on your feet

Living proof that the strength you will need
Has been in you forever but to get it, you’ll bleed

Don’t need faith
The devil knocks but he don’t call no more
Oh we go down together baby
See Mary right up there on that cross

When the sun fades
The pink is gonna run
But the day comes again
So save your tears for you hunny

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