I see you sitting on the sidelines
You follow all the guidelines
You wait your turn and follow rules, I live like I’ve got nine lives
My strife is like what life is like:
A battle just like Grind Time
I say f**k all those timelines
But you still watch my blindside

[Verse 1]
From the jump you could tell my attitude
Was way different than them dudes tryna' rap at you

‘Cause half them dudes would use the same platitudes
Thinking this is gonna get the girl laughing soon
Not true, homeboy, but I like the entertainment
You threw so much money that I thought that it was raining
And so did like 15 other guys

Go try the other side
Crazy Town, live, playing Butterfly
Pit stained Ed Hardy shirts
Yea them dudes don’t like me, it hardly hurts

I just go home, rip another gnarly verse
Thinking about the pretty girl with the darling purse
And when these thoughts get conjured, they run the gamut
From how she looks naked, to chilling in the mansion
‘Cause thats a lot to handle, we scramble
All around Hampden: Cunningham, Randall
No throwback on, you like throwback songs
Karaoke with our vocab gone
Next morning wake up, turned right back on
Same clothes as last night, live life like poems
And we still look good when we head to brunch
No pomade, but my hair’s standing up
Walk into the restaurant getting stares and such
But it’s all good, let them suckas glare at us
‘Cause they
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