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[Verse 1:]
Even the bad dreams are better than whats on the other side.
Say,"Hello" to your pillow,"Goodbye" to another night
And your mistress is what mystery is, living like a whistles kid
No time for wish lists because, there are no more Christmas's
Subconsciously your bombing sh*t, real life looks ominous
Avoid it like the plague, but keep your common sense
Your guard is up so much that you can't take a compliment
Self-deprecation's overtaken, at least acknowledge it
Erect a monument to what it is you stand for
Isolationist vices, and your prepared for 'em
Stock your cabinets with bottles and all your sundries, but the only storm coming' is yours, and sh*t is hungry
Stop the pangs with some back pats, 'cuz it ain't that bad
Crafted a tool to help you with that back scratch
Solitaire's cool when your throwin' Jacks back
No money on the game it ain't the same playing blackjack. f*ck

'Cuz when them thoughts start to creep in, I put my head down and let them just seep in
'Cuz they know where I wanna be, so when its time to talk I let my dreams do the speakin'
And they don't talk loud, No
They concise and advice is powerful
So, even when I'm not asleep, when it comes my time to talk I let my dreams do the speakin'

[Verse 2:]
Ya you old dog there you go again, rolling alone, holdin' the phone for no one, throwin' the stones
At the glass house, never meant to break
You gotta be invited inside if its gonna change shapes
All you do is destroy and rebuild
The product is nothin', the process is where you seek thrills
And they ain't cheap- that pain gets unsheathed, when you lift up that curtain and murder your own peace
Whats the reason for it?
And what you reachin' for?
Why don't you get a little help and then you each in enjoy it?
Cut-throat is one path and you don't have to take it
You do it transparently, you don't have to fake it
So f*ck those conventions, f*ck bad intentions
Your mind has been made:you're back on your mission
Get back to inventin'
The new sh*t is true sh*t
These days are your wisdom, your done being clueless, come on


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