[Verse 1]
Feeling kinda hoarse today, so no horse play
All business. Skip the fun foreplay

Skin thickness triples by the minute -
- with a promise that you made saying that you'd never quit it

The decisions that you made that you live with
Take a second [to] recognize what the gift is
Never re-gift it. Never exchange
No Yankee swap. You're a Phillie - don't trade
No Abreu. No McNabb. No collapse
No team colors. Only what's under that P cap
Wear black cause the spectrum's been gone
The wach center started hosting rounds of ping pong
You wanna be a champion- slam the ring on
You feeling outkast, wear a mask you Kling on
Fix up; get a track to sing on
Your auto-tune blues build your wordly kingdom -
-but that sh*t can shatter. The sh*t that matters -
- ain't on your wrist or in fashion
It exists within your own passion
You want it to spread, but instead it gets bashed in
f**k-- but the people keep clapping
Reasons are wrong. Chalk it up to sh*t happening
Bills get paid, so hey you gon' cash in
Time to get fat, and splurge; no more rations
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