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"Palm Trees"

[Verse 1]
I'm on that billy joel- tomorrow is today
But I ain't sippin' polish- it only looks that way
An outerglow is something I don't see in my reflection
The mirror's fogged up, clouded by the past rejection
I wanna smash the mirror, but I know how that goes
Too many bloody knuckles, stop running rocky's roads
I got my flavors and there's more than 31 son
About to sample 45 I call it f*ckin' Punch Drunk
Bills keep piling up, tryna have a job you love
Doubters look at you like sh*t, when you gonna give this up?
Not yet cuz' there ain't much else that I'm built for
Head and shoulders over yall I know what yall got stilts for
Tryna ketchup like you paid for heinz field
But I'm an eagle baby, flying over mine fields
And part raven too, edgar allen with the poems
That black and purple ain't from bruises but I'm glad you noticed
These colors don't run, but you know we move fast
I see jepetto offers dental but we move past
There's no insurance on it, and no plan B
Unless we sexing then you betcha I got plan B

They on that dumb down, I'm on that chomsky
Doing my best to try and dodge the ennui
My mission's different but I hope that you can find me
Cuz' in the end we all wanna see some Palm Trees

[Verse 2]
Riding on a f*ckin' whim, living like it never ends
Tryna carve a piece and head home with a f*ckin' win
--tell my Eagles down in Pruston sent some free tix
And I've been sippin' so I'm higher than a G 6
We keep it moving cuz' we never liked congealment
So if it's ever stale you know I"ll hit the kill switch
Breathing easy when I know that its the truth told
I'm standing tall, low fives to manute bol
But I ain't playing, I'm saying give me some free throws
Cuz' every opportunity is like a cheat code
I'm on that "Ha" sh*t Juvenile g-code
Laughing at the game genie I don't need your cheats bro


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