"Take the Reins (Outro)"

Norman Greenbaum walks up to me on the street, as he does everyday, because that's just the routine, and he asks me if I've ever heard of Norm Macdonald, and I said of course I have

[Verse 1]
Glass up for the ones who understand it
We ain't trying to be exclusive, but we acting like some bandits
'Bout to throw the bandana on, cause Black Pais' is standing strong
Been a minute since I wore it, but we're back to analog
The revolt is digital, and I ain't missing it
Standing for the truth, and trying to dodge the f**king miscreants
Draft picks if I'm going Call Mel Kiper
But I'm looking for the ladies who can wield a f**king L pipe
Tonya Harding step aside with all your goon sh*t
Talking to the baby girls who know just what our tune is
We grind slow till we see some f**king magic
You can call yourself a ten, so whose the six-er when we're smashing?
I am. Franchise tag. You can call me "Mike Vick"
Lou gave the go so you know I'm on my pro sh*t
Poet laureate. See how f**king raw it gets
Lucille Clif[ton], Chris Wallace and we're born again

Riding hard. Getting dirty while we're changing lanes
No cigars yet. We ain't got to celebrate
Cause we ain't done sh*t. Not yet, but today
We're going all in, balls out. Take the reins
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