[Graduation theme plays]
E: Hey professor, glad to see you could make it
Professor: Actually Evan, I'm surprised to you
E: What? Why are you surprised to see me it's my graduation
Professor: Graduation?
E: No
Professor: Aw Evan, you know you aren't graduating? The registrar should have told you last week. You didn't pass french.
E: Hold, hold up. Hey, professor, can I ask you something else.
Man in the background: Wait was is it?
Professor: Mother-f**ker
E: [laughs] Oh yo I'm sorry? Yeah, No. I-It's my fault right? I know I'm not any good at french. I'm not an 18 year old who just ??? 5 years of french. I'm not a smart man. But you're the one on the ground. You're the warlord laying on the butt. There's nothing more I can say. I'm outta here.
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