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"Diana Reem"

[Intro: Salvadore Denali]
Right, right
Shut up

[Verse 1: Salvadore Denali]
Oh Lord, building bless
It's a cool world and I'm a hot mess
With lyrics so cold, yo, we might need a koozie
My man looked at me like this might be a doozie
It's slightly profusely
I like Sally but I might love Lucy, the man is choosy
Amusing a blusie a nice so looseleaf
Pour out confessions, you sweat profusely
Hometown Mia'
Been known, to handle my beya' like Muhammad Alia'
See I flow so sick, the spit is penicillin
Keep writing, keep killing, keep going God willin'
When I punch out devils and knock down tall buildings
Kennedy curse, if you got bad feelings
Watch for speed blocks, the highs be knee blocks
See, I got MC's on extended leave-lock
Known to hit the flow like there's numbers on my back
Known to play the field and anticipate the sack
Been known to split a Toblerone, divide among the pack
Back with a slang, know if you got my back

[Verse 2: E-Dubble]
I see chips and producing 8-bits of music
Sift through the sewage, bang what's the truest
What else to teach but we're still the students
sh*tstorm is brewing, your too in tune with
They old fans to die, call us foolish
What the heck's going on? That's stupid
I moved to occuring that fusely
Electric haptic like Edison proved it
And I'ma prove this
I'm a loosey goosey, might stew when I get a lot of looseleaf
Two sheets to the wind, I'm a beast when I bench
Still tippin' fourty ounces like a brand new trend
That I started, mark it
Write it down in red ink
No ghost writer, but you bet I'll make the dead think
Edgar Allen, Christopher Wallace
I'm back on the scene and my shoes are polished
That's filthy

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