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"Build It"

The land of time - frozen in an extra sketch
Like I'm 2 years old and my path was set
Then I'm 4 years old with a Lego-set
And people guess that the blocks made his mind the best
People guess when I rock with my mind at rest
That I was blessed with the skill keep the mic in check
People thought the blue check on the Nike was fresh
The yellow joints I would sport outdid the rest
The best was yet to come the drums were next
Olivia Newton John taught me how to rep

I bet you don't know what I'm talking about yet
This was my childhood, I was raised by the best
My folks were broke but they never even showed it
The kids grew up, and we never even know it
But you would know if you saw my pen explode
Writing on the page waiting on the boy to flow
Writing in the same language I've learned since birth
Wondering if real work is gonna quench my thirst - go

Switching pieces, light brights gleaming, wondering if i'm still seeing
Things correct me, don't correct me, fix mistakes myself just let me
Lego building, I'm just chilling, sitting in this building building
Waiting for my chance to will it
In real life I've got to build it

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