Damnit Duke!
[Hook: Dumbfoundead]
Goddamnit Duke
This shit mad crazy bro
Go and grab the camera crew
We should shoot a video
You know they love our bangers
Much as they love our visuals
We just flew over the Cuckoo's Nest
We can't be pigeon hold it

[Verse 1: Dumbfoundead]
I got my Pendleton flannel buttoned up to the top
All the latinos say I'm the coolest Chino on the block (Ha!)
Yeah I got the guap (GUAP)
And I'm buying stocks (STOCKS)
You just window shop
Browsin' like its Firefox
Your girl, hella eager
Hot and ready, Little Caesar's
Room full of that Hello Kitty
She got a case of that yellow fever
Sext it. Call it
How'd she get my number?
Gave her dick, then made a GIF
Then post it up on Tumblr
Ha! Western Avenue, doin' what I have to do
Catch me up at Chapman Plaza drinkin' on that happy juice
Find me with them Ratchets; That's what I be attracted to
Throw a fuckin' party and we crashin' it like Bandicoot
Damn, I'm the man
All I hear is fucking camera clicks
Dumb, Saht, and Wax
Yeah we on that Captain Planet Shit
Man, I don't give a fuck
I don't give a double fuck
I'm Korean Jesus turnin' water into double cups (judge)

Yo, yo, they shot and them clickin' (Hold it)
Yo, the blonde's on the bong still spliffin' (Hold it)
She say she can't wait, she just really wanna (Hold it)
Yo, here the drummer come

[Verse 2: Wax]
They fuck with me, they hassle me
They constantly harassing me
There's so many people on my dick
My dick is at capacity
The fire marshal called bring the law to my balls
SWAT team involved, even the dog's a lost cause
Man I swear I would compare 'em
To a pack of fucking pubic lice
Kids think I'm dope
Old folks say I'm stupid nice
Give your crew some kites
Tell 'em, "Here you go. Fly 'em!"
I'm throwing softballs
Cause the heaters floatin' by 'em
I'm in a league with Nolan Ryan
To compete there's no one tryin'
Ain't no people cold as I am
Saying where's your fucking lion
I'm a vet, you a fucking noob
You a fucking square, and your team is a cube
I was writing music when you was still swimming up in your dad's nut
And looking back, I wish he'd never fucked with that fat slut
You pre-cum baby
Johnny Come Lately
Holler at my homie Duke if you want a beat that's fucking crazy!

[Verse 3: Sahtyre]
I'm bout' to take her pigeon hole
Bitch is bowl-legged I'mma fuck her till she pigeon toed (Yup)
It's LSD like Timothy Leary lickin' toads
And I don't know what these n***as told you
I'm just steezin' like I'm supposed to
Hair up like I'm Goku
Check the vocal
Get that shit so loco
Blow up never local
Bitch if I smoke you bet that shit'll choke you
Got thirty Asian bitches off that Soju
Gave me all their numbers so I called that shit sudoku
Oh yeah, oh yeah
And I'm so rare, and it's no fair
And I pour up, then I pound out
Then I report like Colbert
And I chief more, then I Navajo
Let me let you know, if you're unaware
If a girl don't wear no underwear
Then we gotta do it like a double dare
Saht, Dumb, and Wax bitch
Skill is for the wax heads
Inseams to dust, and ashes to ashes
Real name Cash, beat the beat up like young Cassius
When y'all ass is slower than molasses, steeze


If you don't give a damn, we don't give a fuck
If you don't give a damn, we don't give a fuck