Summer Breeze
Laid back in the summer time
After midnight
And we ain't gonna stop until the cops come knocking
If not, we're gonna keep the party rocking 'til we see the sunlight


Ayo, sun roof top, b***erscotch seats
You are now listening to EOM beats (wait)
Don Julio Anejo with this
Two splashes of Sprite in my cup alright, okay
Back to the matter at hand
Black queens, bronze beauties and white cuties gracing the scene I mean
Booties wiggling inside some jeans
And I just gargled some Listerine
So fresh and so clean


My man E should be getting like 30 Gs
Every time he's on the boards like Qwerty keys
Turkey please, why you on that hurried steeze?
We laid back, feel the breeze while we burn these trees
My brother Herbs got the grill lit
These the type of mothaf**kas that I like to chill with
My whole team's like a family here, so hand me a beer
Another summer jam for your ear, SALUD!

[Breezy Lovejoy]

I brought the pasta for the vegetarians
And brought the vodka for my Auntie Sharon
As soon as I'm done rolling up I'mma cook up some salmon
As soon as I'm done grubbing you gon' get whooped in some Madden
And that better not be the cops bro
It ain't even 10 o'clock yo
Rushing to go and get the door
To my surprise it was it was Johnny Park
Damn I thought you was the narcs


Guess who's back in the mothaf**kin' house
Brought a big rack of ribs for your mothaf**kin' mouth
And a 32 pack, cause I heard ya'll were out
Hit the bathroom and get your spot stolen on the couch
Got jacked
Beanie and the summer time swag
Breezy with a couple fine scrams, god damn
I see the homie AK cyphering with Wax
And I know he's drunk cause he don't even rap

[Herbal T]

It was a long hot day, whole city felt the sun scorch
Now I got the blunt torched sitting on my front porch
Summer breeze got me feeling so George Benson
None of these problems get no more attention
Aroma permeating from the hot grill
Got the spot filled, smell it and you know I got skill
The wood chips add taste to the meat
Herbal T add ba** to the beat 'til it sounds like this

*rhythmic breathing*



This collaboration has been waiting to blow
We've been craving the show, and we ain't playing no more
We're stepping up, dropping gold, going platinum plus
So f**k what you're told and what you heard about us