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At the tone, please record your message
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Hey Kami
I've been calling you for weeks now, and ever since you started this rapping sh*t
You've been acting very different
It's like you forgot about me
I saw your bag by the way, it's like the one I wanted
Call me back
I miss you Kami
Coming from the next lane

I'm getting bank, bank, bank, bank
Shawty say she want me but it's late, late, late
I can't really hang with you cause you real life lame
This is [?] on my jean not balmain
Like the rain, rain, rain, rain
Yes I'm drippy like the water faucet at the sink
Big ol' .40 by my side, keep you right up in your place
Everyday I'm running 'round, it's feeling like a race

Is you vibin' with me
Baby girl I want your love like it's [?]
Baby girl we need that guap like it's [?]
b*t*hes only want the money then they gon flock
They only f**k with you 'cause you climbin' to the top
These n***as only f**k with you when you start to pop
But now I'm on the road
I'm on the go
Cause I don't want to stay here no more
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