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Lil JJ

"Young & Talented"

Intro: LilSquad
Yeah, Young & Talented Records, thats us, Haterz Are Invisible Pt. 2 Yeah (Yeah) (Yeah) (Yeah)

Verse 1:Young Boss
Yeah, They call me Young Boss
That's what I love too
Take a look in my baby eyes I be like
"I Love You"
I'm Young & Talented, So is The boss Squad
Rap College, me & The team at the quad
Yeah, I'm a new Signee
I had to go hard to get Squad to sign me
Yeah, Young & Talented
Fresh Money Entertainment

Interlude: LilSquad
Yeah, Nice, nice... Get Em' again Boss

Verse 2: Young Boss
Yeah, I'm talented, so is my Label Mates
I ain't mad, Cause Ya know people gonna hate
Yeah, I don't rep gangs all I do is rap & skate
Everything we drop, we get high rates
Yeah, Rep us, Love Us, Man even join us
I'm Young & Talented, & the same for the rest of us

Yeah, Young & Talented Records. n*gga. We the greatest Fresh Money!
Haterz Are Still Invisible b*tch!!

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