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Lil JJ


Verse 1
Ok, I know it's my time bruh
The rap game is mine bruh
My team shall shine bruh
Let's watch these rappers whine bruh
Yeah, It's Fresh Money. The team of real
It's Tha Killa motherf*cker, the track is killed
b*tch, I been a beast since Killa World 1
Killa World 2 showed that I could stunt
K3 showed that I could rhyme
K4 showed that it was my time
That time is now, so watch me win
Killa World 5 motherf*cker, I say it with a grin
Let's celebrate, grab the blunt , pour up some Gin
Damn, it's my moment, so let me live it
My team is an army, I'm the Lieutenant
b*tch, you think I'm playing, I'll kill yo fam
Stab yo mom, shoot ya grams
Give me the weed, about 4 grams
I feel like I killed this sh*t, the haters saying 'n*gga oh damn.'
f*ck this sh*t
Man f*ck this sh*t
Tell that n*gga f*ck that sh*t
Cause I run this sh*t
And I'll bust yo clique
TRUKFIT snap, my sh*t fit
I'm the sh*t. And yes ya know
K5 is done, so let's go...
Let's go right into the Bank
Compete with Tha Killa, my dawg you can't
Go up in a building, watch the ho's faint
SooWoo no more, but the city still in Red paint
Damn, but Squad bangin' slime
Look at my watch, I'm the greatest of all time

Verse 2
It's verse 2, and this is for the crew
But I'ma do me, so you do you
And I'ma be me, so n*gga be you
Look, n*ggas talkin' sh*t, grab the toilet tissue
Free my homie Squad, bro ya know I'm with ya
I'ma go hard on this sh*t, f*ck being gentle
I'm mentle
Yeah, real n*gga I am, fake n*gga I'm not
Go up in a club, f*ck every Thot
Don't question me, if you cherish living
It's JJ , Tha Killa, these ho's up in they feelings

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