Lil JJ


Verse 1
Uh, Them b*t*hes Ain't About This Life
Cut Em Out My Life, So I Need The Knife
Uh, I'm A Martian, So I Need My Space
Racing For The Money, I Will Win The Race
Yeah, I Hope You Ready For "King Of Miami"
Yeah I'm Smaller Than Average, But These Boys Won't Dare Slam Me!
Uh, Guns Drawn, I'm About To Paint a Picture
I Like Ya Girl's Kisser, I f**k her In The Kisser
Yeah, & R.I.P 2Pac
I'm Killing The Game..........R.I.P Hip-Hop

Uh, I Love My family
In About A few Months, Ya Will See me At The Grammies
Sitting In The Bugatti, Ya Sitting In Ya Camry
Ya Girl Wanna f**k me, I Said "Can We"
Uh, She Said "Name The Time & Place"
& If I'm Tripping, Then Tie My Lace!

Verse 2
Uh, Weezy's Number In My cell phone
Let Them Haters Know, Fresh Money On The Throne
I Like A White Girl, Just Like The Color Of Bones
& You Know, I Murder Every Song
I Just Take A Girl in, & B4 She Up, I'm Gone
& These Girls Say I'm Sweeter Than A Ice-Cream-Cone
& If You Think I'll Quit, Then You're Dead Wrong
Yeah, Shot Out To MY Whole Fresh Money Fam
& I'm Out This b*t*h, & Yeah I Went H.A.M

Hook x 2

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