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Lil JJ


Verse 1
Uh, My Name Is Lil Superstar
Ridin' 'Round In The Lambo, That's A Super Car
Yeah, b*tch I Don't Care If I Am A Teen, Cause I'm Still In A Bar
Uh, Yeah I LOVE To Break The Law
Fresh Mula Killing, Like The Little n*gga Off Of Saw
I'm Such A Knock Out, I Belong On Smack Down Vs. Raw
Lookin' At Shanell's Ass, It's The Best I Ever Saw
Yeah, Superstar You A Murderer
Money Ocean, & Me & ASL The Surfer's
Eat That pus*y Up, Then Become A Burper
Yeah, Shot Out To The Team
Yo b*tch pus*y Like A Donut, & I'm Feeling It With Cream

Uh, People Hatin' On The Ambition
Pull The di*k Out, & Get Ya Girl To Kissin'
My b*tch Said My Balls Big, I Said Well Get To Lickin'
But Just Know That, They Hatin' On The Ambition

Verse 2:
Yeah, Verse 2
& I'm All About Soo Woo
Torion With Cash Money, & None Of My Friends Knew
Fresh Money, On Top & I'm Proud That's My Crew
And Me & Quez Just Made A Song, & That's The Truth
Yeah, f*ck With Me You'll Walk Away Without A Tooth
b*tches Get Excited As Soon As I Hit The Booth
F.M.E's A Family, We So Much More Than A Group
Yeah, Soo Woo, Til I See My Motherf*cking Grave
I Want Some pus*y, So Ya Girl Can Be My Sex Slave


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