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Lil JJ

"Work Hard, Play Hard (Remix)"

Verse 1: Lil JJ
Uh, I Just got High n*gga
The Haters Be Like "Why n*gga"
Grandma Gone, She In The Sky n*gga
I Am So Fly n*gga
I Be Goin' to Fast, no time to say Hi n*gga
Yeah, Dad Gone, That's Cool
Tons Of Money, In My Swimmin' Pool
I Ain't got time for haters, I just Move Along
I be Smokin' Kush, it be in my Bong
Uh, D4 Turned Up, C4 Turned Up
I Got A Pound Of That Purp, Its About to get Burned Up
I'm A Rap Teacher, I'm where the New n*ggas Learn From
Yeah, Lil Squad, & JJ, I Swear We Be Murkin' sh*t
Shot Out To French Montana, Like What They Twerkin' With?

[Hook x2]
The bigger the bill
The harder you ball
Well I’m throwin’ mine
Cause my money long
The quicker you’re here
The faster you go
That’s why, where I come from, the only thing we know is

Work hard, play hard (x4)
Work (x8)

Verse 2: Lil Squad
Yeah, I'm A Hip-Hop Master
n*ggas f*ck With Me, Get A Disaster
My Girl Don't Go Empty Handed, I Gotta Strap Her
My Old b*tch Was Talking sh*t, Man I Had To Cap Her
Ha!, Work Hard, f*ck My b*tch Harder
I'm A Beast, Like Dwayne Carter
I Got A Hair Clip, Shot out my Barber
Man If Rap Is Sport, Me & Jay A Starter!!


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