"Do She Got a Friend Tho-Feat. Bas"

28 grams, roll up like a sleeve
Got a quarter buck in each of
These blunts and we ride slow
Maintain even when every odd's low
Money sing ho, give me high hopes
Money sing ho, give me high notes
Getting money sideways never read a side note
Crime rolls at the same damn time
How I break two hearts at the same damn time?
I'm selfish, mainly tend to give in to my needs
Don't tell me what you want b*t*h, give me what I need
Yeah I had to go, I'm a dog of a bread
I'm a dog in some heat though, throw it at me ho
Do she got a friend tho? Do she got a friend tho?
Ask her is she with it she already know the plan tho
I'm a f**kin hand full, she gone' need some hand soap
Fat ass skinny waist looking like a Banjo
Tropical Goals I just want exotic hoes
Now b*t*hes come around me just to get a shot at Cole
Hallelujah! Hit it then it's nice to knew ya
Temptress screwer, Zen sh*t Buddha
b*t*hes private tutor, sick but not a tumor
I'm that John Lennon, Dalai Lama type of cooler
Shout to Ib probably smoking on some Hookah
With the homes Ced and Bas bout to roll the mook up
Do she got a friend tho? Do she got a friend tho?
Do the broad got pretty ass curves?
Who the f**k said opportunist was a bad word
Baby tell me do ya pu**y got any last words?
Henny slash any bad b*t*hes that's trouble
Feelin like I start the game at the last level
Way past subtle b*t*h, can't have cuddles
Bet I make it spray and have you lay in that puddle
b*t*hes playing water polo in the living room
I only want her for the night she thinking I'mma rent the moon
I don't give a f**k, I don't think you read the rules
I don't spend the loot, I don't even set the mood
Never do never will never need to
Ain't no sense in acting like we both ain't know exectly what this lead to
That would be screams, you climaxing
If I bring you round the homies bet they gon' be asking
Do she got a friend tho, Do she got a friend tho?

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