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"Born Sinner (Maverick Mix)"

Just another quick one for you guys

[Verse 1]
Yeah, I did some sh*t I'm not proud of
But I'd never take it back, cuz it's the sh*t I got out of
The first time I fell in love was a b*tch to fall out of
I left her a flower and said if I'm not back in an hour
Then put my bags on the lawn
Cuz I ain't got the heart to tell you I'm out
Don't wanna make you feel your feelings don't matter
But the sh*t makes me sadder
So, to cope I put my nose to the powder
The power it gave me sedated me shortly thereafter. Wow
And I've been dealing with anxiety inside of me
I quietly hide it where nobody will ever find me
But the irony is that I'm crying out for you to find me
And unbind me, but after years in the dark, the light is blinding!
Ain't no sense in rewinding, I keep moving on
But I'll admit that it's frightening to think of who you're on
And when I really think about it, I get stuck in my head
And the inner-critic in my head said, "fool, you've lost!"
An unworthy cause, I keep on pacing
Reflecting on all my failures. I need an education, for real
Been struggling since I moved out of my mom's
To pay all my bills, and when that eviction notice came in
It gave me the chills

[Hook: James Fauntleroy]
I'm a born sinner
But I'll die better than that, I swear
You always where I needed you to be
Whether you were there or not there (I was there)
I was born sinning
But I live better than that (better tonight)
If you ain’t f*cking with that
I don’t care (yeah, yeah, yeah)

[Verse 2]
And because of all the sh*t that I went through
It really f*cked with my mental
I need a job with Obamacare and that covers my dental
Barely in my 20s, wishing things could be more simple
But I went AWOL, it's time to play ball, just to convince you
That I am A1. Getting daydrunk, just cuz I miss you
I said game on, when J. Cole came on with some real sh*t
The same sh*t that gave me this instrumental
So when I say the way to Hell is paved with good intentions
Please just listen
And every single decision that I have made
Made me happy but just may put my ass in an early grave
And I've been counting the days
That I've been stuck within a daze
So let's pray, father. Please just help me change my ways, father
I need a break, father. I'm trying so hard
And every time I get farther, end up right at the start
And no matter how much I lie and try to be who I'm not
I think about the journey here, because it can't be forgot
Born sinner

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