Savage (Rap)
Wild Out (Choo Oho Oo)
Cold chamber

Chorus start
I get wild out in the ____ Choo hooo
I get loud in the___ Choo hoo
I get down in the ____ Choo hoo

Choochoo choo hooo

Get wildildild choo hoo
Get loudloudloud choo hoo
Get downdowndown choo hoo

Choochoo choo hooo

Theres a war going on in the speakers
That bass keeps slappin the tweeters
Theres a war going on in the speakers
That bass keeps slappin the tweeters
Chorus end

Dat shorty on the floor
She fine as hell
Make you wanna step up
And grind her tail
Paint a picture
And find the tail
Shawty wanna roll with me
Might as well
Ay i let em goons come thru
Souls in the club like ayyooooo
Thats right hell yea i said it
Speak my roots and yea i rep it
Raise that rain man without question
Muscle man
Hustle man without flexin
In the lamba grindin out
Then i hit the clubs straight wildnout

I dont stunt no more
Im fall guy
5 foot actin like a tall guy
Your girlfriend was on me like all night
Now she wanna ride like raw hide
Trooper the young do it mover
Im in a fishin tour
Puttin women on my lure
You need no map girl
Ill show you where its at
Butta on my back
Like it dont mat
Tell me nothin __
Make it sound real slappy
See the handprint under her panties
War in the speakers
Now how does that sound
I dont kno about you but
Ima walalalaaaa


Im crazy loco wild and bonkers
Checkin out the baby with the big ol knockers
Ima front six
Daddy from yonkers
I make a storm like im one of her sponser
Yeah shes already got a redbull
Gettin ready for the headbull
Late night stay awake till i getchu
Yea just wait till i getchu