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"War for War"

Ridin fast out of the sunset
Devils and horses advance
Thunder and lightning and honour
The army of saber and lance
Every man somber and focused
Each man looks to the fore
Death is the life we are living
Hungry for battle and war
War for War, saber in every fist
Where we were and are once more
Out of the dark and the mist
War for War. Determined for victory
Over the line they drew there
Honour the cavalry
Howling for blood, the leaders
Into the soon-to-be dead
Chopping them down like leaves as
The grass of the field turns red
We are a band of brothers
Disdaining the cares of the earth
All we have is each other
And that is all we are worth
War for War, the saber swings into the face
Shake the enemy to the core
Lost in the lust of the chase

War for War, we do not bend the knee
We are the worst of the best now
Honour the cavalry

Reaving and laughing and slaying
Leather and metal and blood
How could anyone do it

We did it the best that we could
Over the fields of corpses
Over the broken and maimed
Over the enemy's banners, beaten and trampled and shamed

War for War, into the shot and the shell
Into battle we go once more
The standard-bearers of Hell
War for War, the best and last of the free
Sworn unto Armageddon
Honour the cavalry

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