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Where you been?
You never answer my calls anymore
What you're just gonna ghost me like that?

[Verse 1: D]
Dirty dirty doin’ em dirty
Don't blame her she's just flirty
Always flirting
Pullin’ hella jerseys
Getting names and numbers
Out there hurting these young mans' hearts
Andre 3K told her play your part
But she didn't understand it
She badder than the baddest (baddest)
She want it but she had it (had it)
She never showing sadness (sadness)
She never been a

[Verse 2: Dubble D]
Too many women tossin' turinin' in their sleep
I used to know a little baddie she would always weep
I didn't really think about it till I had her in the sheets
Until I burned the marijuana leaves
Sure I had a lot of women in my life
But this promiscuous girl she wanna be my wife
She the type to rip your soul out
Cut you open no knife
And then you look in the mirror tell yourself its alright
Its time to hit another bowl
Lift off
Take flight

[Hook: D]
Promiscuous girl
Why you-
Promiscuous girls
Promiscuous girls
Promiscuous girls
Promiscuous girls

{Verse 3: O]
The girl that I desire is a hazard to my health
How she 'posed to love me when she don't even love herself
Empty bottles on the shelf
Drink some Henny like its nothin’
But f*ck it type of girl I’d prolly fall in love with
Couple texts couple dates couple I can't waits
She like why dedicate when I got the world on my plate
sh*t I could relate
Me too at that age and I don’t blame ya
But I got it bad for a stranga
Had me feeling like it was me who she was choosin'
But now I see what we had was nothin' but an illusion
Baby you a-

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