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Up the cannon make em run
f*ck with me im smoking dubs
Shop is open get you some
Bust at his family duck
Someone yell he got a gun
Kick her out if she dont (Uhhh)
Gordon ramsay always chef
Cooking rock dont gotta flex
Big red dot up on his chest
Phetamines i cut the x
Shooting bricks like im the nets
Shooting its a big 4 50
And you know i got this glizzy
Sipping juice i turn him silly
We like glue and stupid sticky
Your b*tch ew she stupid icky

Dont need a job, i sell drugs, walking with thugs yuh, im sipping on mud
Walk out the truck (Yuh) i just got me some drugs
(yuh) b*tch im equiped with a gun
(yuh) b*tch i just got a new pump
(Yuh) b*tch im gonna leave em with nun
Put the barrel to his stomach
??? how we drum it
9 milly with lil bro he gon dump it
Actingif he gonna get hit in the stomach
Slaughter house you get carved like a pumpkin
He got a glizzy i bet he won't up it
Shawty pretty asking if i can come in
I got packets like im toting the luggage
An i got crack so shawty show me some loving
Got a heater gonna cook him no oven

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