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Verse 1 83HADES

I will not choose between thots i just f*cked both
Turn a performance to a muhf*cking gun show
9 millimeter round that what my gun tote
I got the weight in my hands i will not fumble
Running that sh*t i pull up like demarco
??? but my heart froze
Product of drugs ??? i sell to your uncle
Im getting it in i got BB my buckle
She got some friends i tell her to bring like all of em
Down with the gang i tell them to start toppin em
New balenciagas b*tch you know that im coppin em
Holes in his body like somebody go talk to him
8 of these poles busting at you no octopus
Rip up his stomach nobody after us
Act like a agent he perry the platypus
f*ck police really think they mapin us
Used to all laugh but now everyone gassin us
You dont want smoke cuz that sh*t is so cancerous
If you gonna kill me atleast make it glamorous
Moving them zips i got pounds of the cannibis
I f*cking hate people dont need a philanthropist
You dont use your pole you just point sh*t at cameras
All of these pussies tryna so hard to damage us
If i got gun then nobody blamming us
Said he want smoke i just made him evaporate
b*tch we got shawty on deck i dont masterbaute
She gave me head i just made her decapitate
Where were you at when i need to elaborate
I see the cops behind me b*tch i accelerate
b*tch thats a twelve gauge really sending shots do not pump fake
??? since a young age you gonna muhf*cking die if you lucky
All these lil pistols like you need a upgrade
(hol up wait) same b*tch like i need a update she getting replaced
Max pull up then pick up your remains the feeling to kill is getting harder to retain wait lemme rephrase dont f*ck with me you get hit no delay relay if you want war ima turn this b*tch to d day did him in the paint b*tch i think we need reply im a individual give f*ck about what he say
Really in the streets aye off the molly and the acid ima mix that sh*t with cocaine b*tch im outside with the opps and im smoking
If i got a motherf*cking blade then im poking
Dont play with me i dont f*ck with that joking

Verse 2 KAY P

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