Im in this b*t*h
f**k out my way, uh, uh
I got the K, uh, uh
Drum to his face, uh, uh
I come where he lay, uh, uh
I come where you muhf**kin stay, huh
Her pu**y lookin like steak, huh
You are not hung with the games, uh
You tappin in with the jakes, huh
I am the best, no [?], huh
I make em run like a relay, huh
Shippin it in like its ebay, huh
While i ball out, you a cheapskate, huh

[verse 1]
Pistol bout to blow, i cant hold it like a bladder
Said he movin weight, but lil b*t*h, i move it faster
Team up on my back, im kawhi up on the raptors
Prayin up to me im your pastor
f**k that stupid b*t*h im movin past her
At this drug sh*t im the master
All my angels all my backers
All that talkin sh*t, it dont matter
I fell in love with the coke she fell in love with the cameras
Im the man with the dope you be the man thats a fan of us [?]
I love all my supporters shout out people that jammin us
at the scene of the crime all thats left was a bandana
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