Hard Target


Yeah, you know it's bottle
Yeah Markie ah-ya-ya-ya
Hey Markie gimme that right there

Caught a fish on Monday
By Tuesday the scales be gone
Wednesday I'm gettin' fired again
From a job that I don't want (So f**k Thursday)
Friday I'll have a drink with my friends
Saturday I'll be drinkin' alone (Yeah)
But don't you call me on Sunday
'Cause on Sunday, (Yeah, yeah) Sunday I'll be stayin' home

[Verse 1: Cymple Man]
And you can tell my boss I ain't comin' in today
I been workin' overtime and I'm feelin' like a slave
'Cause I punch in, punch out, and my time has run out
But this time I'm runnin' out like money in my bank account
Me work all day at this job we slave government got hell to pay (Got hell to pay)
So we drink all day, Lord forgive my ways but you know that will never change (Will never change)
But this for all the times I been waitin' to took
My boss think I'm comin' back but I'm here baitin' a hook
I got my fishin' pole, cold beer, baby I'm good
You think I'm comin' back to work, you can wait for the hook, I'm like
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