Oyasumi lyrics

Pageant Queen

Run up in yo house got the cannon with the beam
Toolie by my whip c*ck the hammer let it breath
Clip size extended f**k a drummer this ain't band class
Watch me hit a lick this ain't porn I'm banging on yo ass
Team out the cut whiplash for a dead b*t*h
Pistolwhipping in ya sleep goodnight GG oyasumi
Vision black and white but you know this ain't no manga panel
Flipping through ya sh*t I keep it moving f**k a tv channel

One shot all it takes to end ya f**king life
360 no scope I don't even need a knife
Sandman sh*t I just think you need a dirt nap
Uninstall your software cause u never even f**king snap
Go too hard f**k I think I heard my wrist break
Quang Tran sh*t f**k your life this is my twist my take
Aye my chopper gay I'm moving with a rainbow charm
Yuh im in the cut im setting off the car alarms

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