Im tired lyrics

Pageant Queen

Brains blown body ache
Lungs f**ked cancer ate
Eyes sore vision blurry
Can the f**king day hurry
Always quiet never shy
Always mad so no replies
I hate everyone so don't ask why
I swear I'm not a nice guy
Stare at everybody I don't f**k with you
Ima do the dash so good luck to you
Fade away like a poltergeist
Stay in the dark I'm hoarding light
I'm always in the cut like a f**kin uhhh chef knife?
I'm a negative sad f**k I remember the f**king bad luck I still suck
I'm brainwshed and all of y'all are still washed f**king OGs crying everyday likе you fell off
I'm ecstatic like a junkiе with a needle tar my sh*t up
I remember the good old days on YouTube with machinima
Always agitated a sh*tty state I reside in
I'll flatline myself no health bar suiciding
Hollow knight sh*t battle the shadow I'm grinding

Black roses sprinkled on my motherf**king casket
Prayers from my mother like its something of death wish
I am like my father but created with a killswitch
Can never feel happy life is something to contend with
All my idols have been dead and buried except for
Earl and eric andre so dont go and die in a hurry or something
I can barely function
Heart racing when im slumped
Off the drugs and sins by the devil's word and instructions so
I guess im like a black hole
Sucking the fun out im wasteful
I can't see the moments im a pessimistic as*h**e
Blowing out my brains
Your b*t*h mouth on my d**k
They say im not the same
I roll with different cliques
Im not worried bout the ties that i tie and then i sever
Not a good boyfriend she bring shine i bring dark weather
And all these rappers look down on me
Boo hoo b*t*h yall be lookin at the dirt yall see

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