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The Palmer Squares

"Zoog Cypher"

[Verse 1: Ac*mental]
I heard you gotta
Give to get 'cause you get what you give out
But Ac*mental got a hard head and a big mouth
So I ain't got sh*t except the elements of music
Watching animated movies with the television muted
A propellant with the fuse lit
Selling hits of lucy at your label, seeking record distribution
Hey, you should let me introduce you to the future
My sh*t go hard like two spoons of Metamucil
Kick game to your lady and she loves it
Laid her in the tub and gave her labia a tongue kiss
Mmmm scrumptious
Got me in a tizzy
I'm a busy body buzzin' through Chicago's inner city
On a thrill ride still fly with the ill gab
Pill pop, bright wide eyes like the hills have
It couldn't be more evident
A heaven sent gent with the intentions of a reborn revenant

[Verse 2: Terminal Knowledge]
Flash back after cracking my spine
Just to snap on you faggot ass fashion designers
Passionate rhymes from the back of the line
This is what happens the half of the time that we actually trying
Out of my head lacking the common sense
Shockingly not positive for how often I'm on the fence
I should, probably keep off the sh*t
But it's logic-less
Chief lots of piff and try to preach consciousness
Tolerance high so up the dosage a tad bit
Swallow my pride and a couple mo' hits of acid
Living lavish, I'mma die lavish too
A chick magnet with a side of fried catfish, oooh!
Zig-zags and... dime bags and...
Brick hash chips stacked like plastic tits
My type girl big ass and hips
The white Earl lift casket lids and flick ashes b*tch!

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