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The Palmer Squares

"It’s Cold"

Its cold
Its cold
Its cold

[Verse 1: Ac*mental]
I'm cold, so cold that it's freezing
Term and Ac*mental set goals and achieve 'em
Cold blooded, don't have a reason
Folks can't belive that you show Ac allegiance
Cause I'm cold, colder than a Heineken
Colder than a polar bear soaked in liquid nitrogen
Something like a tray of ice cubes
Play nice or you pay the price fool
Ugh, kill your dog like Tyrannosaur
Man, I'm colder than a pair of tongs at a salad bar
Far colder than a brew in a cooler
I'm cold as a glacier, I smoothly maneuver
I'm quirky, cold like turkey
Crosswords lost in a fog of defrosters
Stun the arena, said I'm cold like Funky Medina
Ac*mental steady pumpin' the beat up
Cold like Freon
People know I be a pro like Leon
Cold like the bottom of the ocean
I'm so cold, can't feel my toes, sh*t!

[Verse 2: Terminal Knowledge]
Keep cold like frozen dinners
We flow by vocal synergy, cold as the winter
Cold like summer isn't
So f*cking frigid y'all shiver when I spit
Mic turn icicle, numb fingers
Y'all make it rain I gon' make it blizzard in this b*tch
Ain't no looking back this time
Say they couldn't hack it so I made 'em put they jackets on (ha!)
Lie in a tomb, I'm taboo and off-beat
Stab you to watch steam rise from the wound
Oh so bogus
Dead Bill & Ted
Go cold as Ted Williams' head
Sit in bed turn vodka to rotgut
Then turn lava to aqua
I be pro while the rest are so bush league
Mighty cold like Eskimo pus*y
Crushed till her lips blue
Finna nut in the igloo
Refrigeration cold as the feet of a penguin
Geeked with a coke nose he's nauseous
Smoke bowls, so I'm stone cold - Steve Austin
Freeze, got chalk white skin
Y'all bite rhymes I frostbite limbs
Dang, that's cold my own like flakes of snow
Terminal K might break the mold and go cold

[Verse 3: Street Light]
Palmer Squares what up?
Ugh, I go colder than choking on snow cones
And then rolling in four inches of it but with no clothes
Throat's exposed I forget to breathe
Till I'm approached all alone in my zone by Mister Freeze (ah!)
He says "come home and live with me"
Where the average temperature is under 6 degrees
And I forgot to mention that the wind whips your spleen
And whistles in your ear if you dare to sniff or sneeze
So I might've heard of ya, but my rhyming is hypothermia
Intertwined with a flurry of Cryo Crystals in Serbia
Making dessert of ya with my words and them ice beams
The irony is y'all sweeter than Sherbet and ice cream
It might seem like I don't need to stop to drink
My flow colder than a hockey rink
Now think about it, thought you already knew
I'm too cool and y'all ain't fly
But I'm giving rappers the flu
Go cold

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