The Palmer Squares

"It’s Cold"

Its cold
Its cold
Its cold

[Verse 1: Ac*mental]
I'm cold, so cold that it's freezing
Term and Ac*mental set goals and achieve 'em
Cold blooded, don't have a reason
Folks can't belive that you show Ac allegiance
Cause I'm cold, colder than a Heineken
Colder than a polar bear soaked in liquid nitrogen
Something like a tray of ice cubes
Play nice or you pay the price fool
Ugh, kill your dog like Tyrannosaur
Man, I'm colder than a pair of tongs at a salad bar
Far colder than a brew in a cooler
I'm cold as a glacier, I smoothly maneuver
I'm quirky, cold like turkey
Crosswords lost in a fog of defrosters
Stun the arena, said I'm cold like Funky Medina
Ac*mental steady pumpin' the beat up
Cold like Freon
People know I be a pro like Leon
Cold like the bottom of the ocean
I'm so cold, can't feel my toes, sh*t!
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