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The Palmer Squares


[Verse 1: Ac*mental]
P Squares in the place to be like Green Acres
Eager to cremate your tree and breathe vapors, ay
I've seen traitors flee and seek favors
I sling blades and freely swing sabers, uh
Run it back
I'm a nut for a jar of tuna
Here on out the future would suck if it started sooner
10 after 3 and I jump in a car to Yuma
Got no regard for the truth when somebody start a rumor
You know my steelo
Flow deeper than a sinkhole
Don't blink an eye
I'm feeling inclined to feed my ego
Indecent gringo
Lingo divine like a pink flamingo
Man I dream of drinking Titos with lime on a beach in Rio
Never known to take a noble approach
Roam where nobody roves
Go for the gold and jokers ogle in droves
Too many showmen like a roll of photos
Arose from a catacomb like a ghost in the grove, uh
Soberly sulkin' so I'm gulpin' a Sculpin
Globally known
Quotes are gettin' vocally spoken
Feeling holy as the Pope in the pulpit
Clean, soaking in soap
Macaulay Culkin, on my Home Alone sh*t
Got my ducks in a row, you spit erroneous couplets
Get your multis up and show me something soulful with substance
Home improvement
Amusement for the hoes and the hussies
For the foes and the phoneys
Old folks to the yuppies
And for my homies
From the home of the Bulls and the Cubbies
I'm part carpet shark startling these goldfish and guppies
Rope-a-dope an opponent better roll with the punches
I got a bone to pick
I'm going Killer Joe with the drumstick

[Verse 2: Term K]
Nobody can tell me not to post another selfie
I'm boastfully unhealthy
Asking for a compliment
f*ck that, begging for validation
A mental evaluation says I lack even the common sense
Craving entertainment
Pray that they get famous
Claiming to be sane when I'm actually the opposite
Shamelessly complacent
Naturally incompetent
Patiently awaiting both the rapture and apocalypse
It's good to get it off of my chest
Without calculating the profits I couldn't give an approximate guess
No hypothesis or estimation
Quit the speculatin'
Effective immediately offering my resignation
Look at me, you couldn't even call it desecration
There is no god, there's only devastation
My head is achin'
I better take some medication
Penetration like Freddy, Jason, I get impatient
Kevin Bacon
Lettuce tomato
Less concerned with the lesson learned finna lessen the payload
I suggest that you lay low, keep an ear to the ground
Django out with a bang, you can frequently hear the sound
Inevitably I was smoking the headies I was supposed to sell
Oh well, amphetamines got me woken
Not woke, I'm sleepwalkin' b*tch
Keep talkin' sh*t beneath coffin lids
I'm dead

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