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The Palmer Squares


[Verse 1: Term K]
Yo, everything that I've said is overdue
Never did what they said I'm supposed to do
Never really valued a dollar much
Never been a fan of you powder puffs
I get a buzz from killing your buzz
One to a million, or a million to one
Really ain't fun anymore, but I do it for y'all
Going through the withdrawals when I lose the applause
Throwing poop at the wall just to see if it sticks
I agree that it's sick, yo, I'm truly appalled
Shooting the ball from the half court
Move to the wall, f*ck a dance floor
Give me skinny jeans and a face tat
See me getting cheese like a caged rat
The epitome of a bottom feeder
You a busy bee, I'm a non-believer
Copyreader give me something to read
I've got a fever of 103
I'm hot for teacher, and I'm finna get my rocks off
Tell me, is this the actual thing or just a knock-off?
Jesus, you could spot him by his aura
Weak, living in Sodom and Gomorrah
Kinda sorta, I know because I'm the antichrist
So you could show me love, It'd be sacrifice
Turning holy water to gasoline
It's a formality to be torn apart
Blasphemy, it's a sacrilege
I'd be the alchemist with the golden heart
Turning holy water to soda pop
Two-timing you like a broken clock
You throw the rock as though you never sin
I'm smoking pot, pretending medicine
The door is locked, somebody let us in
You lost without a product to be peddling
You let 'em win already, and you'll forever be the enemy
So, if you got a regiment you better get them ready, get them up

[Verse 2: Ac*mental]
This morning, my girl broke her nail
Shrugged it off and threw her hair in a ponytail
I've been trying to wisen up to no avail
Locally known, I'm prone to grow on a global scale
Yeah, it's such a natural feeling
Rapping to people that need a practical reason
Traveling seas to international regions
Acting on dreams to fill abandoned arenas
Feeling fine now that it's going well
Finna lie down while I smoke an L
Sipping wine out of the Holy Grail
You know the deal, I got mind, body and soul for sale
Wait, me and the devil had an agreement
Pastors and deacons couldn't handle my demons
I'm an assassin, eating apples of Eden
The last Mohican seeking radical freedom
Besides, I'm just trying get my slice of the pastry
Declare war like it's '05 and I'm Jay-Z
No time to waste, I cut right to the chase scene
Days on the road, like I'm Hoke driving Miss Daisy
It's driving me crazy, trying to headline the Palladium
Eyeing the prize, saving my pay to buy a Mercedes
Smiling at ladies and waving out of the window
Run out of cigarettes? Make a stop at the Citgo
I'm throwing harder than Rowengartner at Wrigley
Broken arm, I got no regard for the big league
Spinnin' yarn and hope charlatans dig me
Smoking Parliament lights in the vibrant heart of the city
It's the abhorrent orator storming into your corridor
Foraging for remorse or the fortitude of a warrior
Moratorium, 4 a.m and I'm pouring a porter, feeling euphoria

[Verse 3: ProbCause]
Now every now and then I get to second guessing
Stressing out about my path and all of my intentions
Like am I living righteous heading in the right direction?
What do I see when I look in my reflection?
I done some sh*t I ain't proud of, dirt I came out of
I learned from the ups and downs to move like the water
Let it pass through, and don't judge 'em by the surface
Never know the depths, every soul has a purpose
You define what your worth is, you decide what your work on this Earth is
But don't force it, gravitate towards it
Until you in its orbit, then share it with the world so that everyone absorbs it
Sometimes I'm too abstract, but people tend to be a little too that's that
They label every person like it's matter of fact
Like we ain't complex creating the complex, disregard the context
We created the conditions
Tell that boy how bad he is, I bet he turn out vicious
Imagine if somebody gave that same boy some ambition
Instead we feed him poison, wonder how he got the sickness
We all sick in the head, gaining pleasure from another's pain, memories spread
Sleeping better at night when the enemy is dead
And we pretty good at keeping bad energy fed, it's like damn

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