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The Palmer Squares

"Gary Busey"

[Verse 1: Sweatshop Steve]
Said I'm back in this b*tch, 40 ounce and a sack to my lips
In the back of the venue I'm laughing and sh*t
Like there's room for the haters, keep packing 'em in
I can't hear 'em right now
What you always braggin' for?
All the bullsh*t band throwing back and forth
The backs are torched, the taxes you can't afford
You on tour but you actually poor
Well I know but I'm ill and I'm gettin' by
Got a splash of tequila with lemon-lime
I been drunk since noon, I ain't finna drive no time soon
But these chicks gettin' Ubers to the hotel room, I'm like (Okay!)
I ain't nothin' shy of amazing, walk up being nice and I ain't slip
I be out of state doin' bay sh*t, it's basic, I just get to work when I'm anxious

[Verse 2: Owl Green]
I feel like Shaq in the paint, I got this thing in the bank
I have the gas in the tank, I don't even drive no more
Somebody pass me the drank
Got nasty habits, I'm a rap fanatic
Backpack on and I'm fanny packin'
Lights, camera, know we're 'bout the action
Prefer my weed in a blunt fashion
Buddy on me when I hit the stage
Clear up my throat, got my eye on the profit
Get what I want and I don't get off topic
The kiddie got bars and that boy be melodic, god might
Hit you with an absolutely, positively, unovert ya puking
Drink a fifth while I watch the movie, now I'm acting out like I'm Gary Busey

Oh sh*t, dude I feel like Gary Busey
Ahhh, sh*t
Do I look like him? Do I look like him?
My teeth? Do they-Dude, look at my teeth
Are my-do I look like him?
Oh, no

Now I'm acting out like I'm Gary Busey

[Verse 3: Ac*mental]
I feel like Gary Busey, hit the booth, debonair and I'm wearing Gucci
Wanna split a smoke? We can share a loosey
Been taking notes, can you spare some loose leaf?
I'm a bum and a poffer
On the run from law, never stumble or falter
Every song get sung like a songbird
Black lung with a cup full of cough syrup
So make no bones about it, sold out, show club's overcrowded
I'ma throw it down for your local township
And dip in a stolen Crown Vic
You can bet your bottom cent, I'll rock the crowd
I'm Chet "The Rocket" Steadman on the mound
Ascending into heaven on a cloud
'Till the devil knocked and said "I'm not allowed", Wow!

[Verse 4: Term K]
I feel like I'm sending without a signal, I'm lit as a candle inside a vigil
Wiggle that ass like it was your big toe, pina banana clip to your wig, hoe
b*tch, don't get it twisted, stay apt or you ain't have no jurisdiction
I don't know a thing about a thang, head full of nothing
Singing "If I Only Had a Brain" (bang)
Pain don't hurt, never not one to smoke your herb
Let me copy your homework nerd
Been the top of the whole earth, my birth was The Big Bang and sh*t changed for the worse
Compare me to a scary movie, based on truth, apparently very loosely
I bang groupies, eat hairy coochie
I'm Jake Busey meets Gary Busey
Hip-hop is dead and we barely knew, you quit making music, kick rocks instead
sh*t momma said been inside my head since she said it, sell seashells for the credit
Severed throw my hell is where I'm headed, tell it to the pump, unleaded
Pellets get embedded in the flesh, peshy gettin' fresh for the mess
Honestly I gotta sing another bit impressed

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