The Palmer Squares

"Make Silk Purse Out of Sow’s Ear"

[Verse 1: Terminal Knowledge]
Birds got me hocking game, I'm awful with the falconry
Find myself coughing in a fog of shame and apathy
Calculating grams, my heart palpitating rapidly
Step outside and spit my stomach acid off the balcony
Climb a spiral staircase to pour a glass of agua
An ordinary dog, flea-ridden, scratching hot spots
Heat spit, like swallowed bottles of hot sauce
Leave kids with each limb hobbled and chopped off
Get raped and pillaged while you babysit the neighbors' children
I let 'em watch to see the awful things that's waitin' for 'em
Ungh, meth brain and a sharp wit
Ungh, chest pains and a heart skip
The aim of a marksman, laze out my target
Nothin' left but a red stain on the carpet
Moon turned the tide into miles of carnage
Smile regardless, cause like Sendai, I'm just a pile of garbage
Wild, heartless, vile and tarnished
Eyes wide, finna bear witness to the silent harvest
I try my hardest not to masturbate to passion plays
Remain a castaway and find a vein to lacerate
Term's a scatterbrain like assassinated presidents
You faggots need expanded frames of reference, it's evident
Blaze up a stogey, straight to my dome piece
The replacement for Kobe and H to the O-V
Most valuable, plays for the home team
Put your words in my mouth and it tastes like bologna
The fake hype is phony
I cause y'all wigs to flip
Raw dogs in to walk the goldarn distances
It's the rookies with the veteran status
Entering homes just to look inside the medicine cabinets
A couple goofy b*st*rds, pedaling backwards
Lookin' for a b*t*h to gag on cheddar and bratwurst
Body paint a bullseye as my lady ate her laxatives
A sadomasochist, I play the tramp, straight up Chaplin sh*t
Baby face came to drain the milk from the titty
To give me anything's like putting silk on a piggy
They gone and crossed worthless junkie with circus monkey
Sparkin' up an owl on the prowl for the perfect skully
Let the urine curdle in my squirmish tummy
Watchin' Eddie Murphy in my PJs, shirt, and undies
You ain't gon' get no light without the window pane
Prolly good advice if you got sh*t for brains
Most my exes gave the best to they medicinal scripts
Or wound up in the bathtub, slits in they wrists
On some ignorant sh*t, never zippin' his lips
If the whiskey d**k limp I'll put my fist in a b*t*h
I'm Pooh Bear, you the honey pot
I go all in, snowballin'
Let me c*m swap the money shot
Ac shout, "Hurry up and pop with your bomboclat"
So I bust and pull my bloody c*ck out this youngin's twat
Thought it was something good but it's snot
Prayers under rocks, P Squares run the block
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