The Palmer Squares

"Philly Blunt Cypher"

[Verse 1: Ac*mental]
Rappin' for a pack of smokes and a stick of gum
Swiggin' rum 'bout to kick it one time boy
A badass like Billy Gunn
It's time to listen up
Shout outs to Venice and Philly blunt
I spit the funk man I'm too extreme
Got a head full of stupid schemes and lucid dreams
You find me rollin' up trees and patrolling the streets
When I'm flowin' to beats
Yo do you know what this means?
It means that we ain't givin' a damn
We just stick with the plan
Spittin' raps at the digital cam
Outlaws like Yosemite Sam
The dead eyes with the red ones
That can see the invisible man
Kickin' a jam, yo I clench mics, I'm the best
You punk motherf**kers need da catch up like french fries
I project lines to your inner ear
If ya didn't hear press rewind cause it's crystal clear

[Verse 2: Terminal Knowledge]
Yo, allow me to speak next loud as a T-Rex
Straight outta Hades like a hound dog with 3 heads
Surrounded by demons
Break through your lame crew like Kleenex
It ain't a reflex to squeeze techs when we vexed
But read text from a page in my rhymebook
Hey yo I'm worth far more words than a picture
So take a fine look at this righteous emcee
That's what I'm fightin' to be
Tell ya boys tighten tha D, stop lightin' the trees
I guess I stay defined by my practice
While the whole damn country turns a blind eye to wackness
Pen in my hand for when I'm ready to jam
I sit down cause my mind's too heavy to stand

Cause and effect yo
Step to the dogs and get ya neck broke
Hope the cement shoes don't effect your breast stroke
Ya got my best hopes, inhale the cess smoke
Glues my feet to the floor and makes my head float
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