The Palmer Squares

"Ramzo Cypher (Acumental)"

Let me spell this out for ya

Its Ac*mental y'all what up
Peace to Terminal Knowledge for calling me out
Peace to ramzo on the beat
Peace to all yall listening out there
This whats up, check it
Yo let me hit you with some cause and effect
Because there ain't no flaws in my track
You can't hit pause or eject
Produce applause and a check
'Cos I'm the rawest, infact
I got a flow so sick it brought my nausea back
And if you still think I'm wack
I'll rap just to annoy ya
Always swinging for the fences like I'm Dustin Pedroia
Wanna step to Ac*mental, better trust in your lawyer
'Cos uh... I won't hestitate to f**king destory ya'
Ac*mental got mad potential, always pack a pencil
Playing for keeps I never bring back a rental
I run the streets like Barney Rubble
Copping all my sh*t for half, truning around and charging double
Starting trouble baby place your bets
All you space cadets are about to taste regret
I aced the test
Staying high like planes and jets
So just stop making faking ass threats
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