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The Palmer Squares

"Pandora’s Box"

[Verse 1: Ac*mental]
Yo I don't take precautions
But I'll take the cake, the frostin'
And the fame and fortune
Smack you in the head like Rafer Alston when he played for Boston after watching Eddie drain the ball son
City to city people say we're awesome
And those who disagree proceed to lay in coffins
The Palmer Squares are blowing up in the game like it's a motherf*cking SEGA cartridge
Ac breaks backs with amazing raps
I'm all about the wordplay like Jason Mraz
I show up late to class
Face it man these nutty flows will leave you with a bloody nose once I grace the jam
So don't come too close
Find Ac*mental jumps the post but studies notes and aced exams
Yo my brain's advanced
Blazing trees I'm a stoner, but guess what?
I don't receive nothing lower than A's and B's on my homework
I'll grab an eighth of shrooms and eat 'em, wow
Readin' Freedom's Plow by Langston Hughes, I'm freaking out
Lace my shoes and wait for the seeds to sprout
Watch the daisies bloom and turn the beat up loud
'Cus if it's true that words will kill you faster than bullets
I'm forever spitting raps to the fullest
So duck down when I come around with that bomb sh*t
Like the weather underground destroying everyone in town kid

[Verse 2: Term K]
Orthodox or not
We drop what's hot
So you oughta watch
Prying open Pandora's Box
Currently unemployed
I wasn't always null and void
I used to have a couple dollars and a floor to mop
So grab a mic and kick it
They say that life's a picnic
They also say The Palmer Squares are like a swarm of wasps
Forever pouring shots of imported scotch
Then I sip my Gatorade
Then I twist back on the orange top
Throw your sh*t in the trash bin
Crashing into paper planes
Missing in action and it's safe to say
You get your practice in this paper trade
Or just get with the masses and listen to wackness
I can smack you with a Taylormade
Slash you with a razorblade
I ain't tryna make a splash I'm tryna make a wave
Some cats couldn't hold it down without an ankle chain
For a taste of cake I'd run a mile with my ankle sprained
Stay kicking the fat sh*t
My tactic's intergalactic
You could imagine I've seen stranger days
Play the game, make my way toward the top
Mansions with chambermaids
Straight and forward stock
Changing the game like quarter slots
Ladies dropping to the floor in shock
Closing up Pandora's Box
Leaving crowds in amazement with astonishing raps
Hoppin' out of the races, and on to the tracks

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