The Palmer Squares


Chi-town to LA
Stand up
Scrub Life
Beach Squad!

[Verse 1: Wax]
Los Angeles tour guide for The Palmer Squares
Eye of the tiger like shades a kid at Auburn wears
Does a vulgar bear sh*t in the woods?
Same answer if you ask me if my spittin' is good
An un-astounding guess – a resounding yes
Music lovers bump me and they start frowning less
They find inner peace
And they wake up with their chis in balance
Their sex lives improve they start to skeet in gallons
I have a hard time being challenged
They bring beef but it feels like I'm eating salads
They spitting hard but it sounds like I'm hearing ballads
Bravo, you have the opposite motto as DJ Khaled's
Sick like my d**k gets scabs
I'm from Maryland though, I really miss crabs
d**k grabs to the d**k that's how your b*t*h grabs it
You could say this sh*t is like a chick magnet
But, I'm tryna find a woman that comes without stress
Always fly baggage-free like Southwest
pu**y good but her mouth best
First place ribbon Nathan's women division contest
But I ain't obsessed 'cause I'm 'bout progress
Only when the world's complete did God rest
Amen A meant it again amen
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