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PS Hitsquad

"The Hardest Mixup 2.0"

[Verse 1: SJ]
The opps add Ks and they don't catch Ks, they ain’t touched one of my mates
I'm on the block with a Rams on my waist, any opps get spot, get sent down kway
OFB, we don't do it for the fame, we just rise up and we turn mans page
You can send as much shots you want but them shots won’t hurt cah them shots there fake
And name one guy that you touched from my batch and name one guy that you put in the grave
Are you going insane? SJ only runs from the boys in plain
Kermit got man on the mains and his freedom's good cah there weren't no face
And most man started over these sides but they switched side cah they weren't OJ

[Verse 2: PS]
Like P, Sticks and Stones
Bro still taking risks caught it with Bis
Got bits and both
Man just whip them poles, skid then go like sh*t then bro
Hitsquad been riding nuff on violence stuff on them pigs them know
I've been out tryna pinch man's soul
I'll step out the Vauxhall
Bare grap bap that's awful
Man rap bout facts that normal
Man’s all gassed and sh*t, back that kitch feel like I’m immortal
Man might back out the P's fill it with Teej back out the ormal
We bout to lurk

[Verse 3: Digga D]
Double wrap crack, double tap straps, Shotgun Shane, no DoubleTap Dappz
I’ve slept in traps and hustled in flats, boy you ain't mad, some fraudulent man
We bucked Tiny live in the flesh and he said he weren't mad, that wraps he flipped it
He said he weren't on to the mandem but he’s on Dublin so I still dished it
Bro said his light comes better than mine, lets's go compare it, simples
OT trips, I put food in my town like tinsels
Load the brucky with bells, and watch them all run when it jingles
I just got a packet of smoke, but you can hold one, that's a singles

[Verse 4: MizOrMac]
Listen (Ay, what?)
Love ding dong whip with King Kong in
No ping pong sh*t, man finish (Finish)
You don't know how MizMac living
Backroad, kidnaps and dippings (Dippings)
All of my Gs are missing;
Some on the run and some are in prison
I'm trapped in the system
Guns and kitchens
Man get round for my siblings
He was my friend from years
But he's from there, soon he a victim (Soon)
What you know about skengs on missions? (What you know?)
Left hand on the back of the ped
Right hand on the skeng, big man, I ain't kidding
And jump out gang man did that
See a best man, leave you like pigeons

[Verse 5: NitoNB]
Tell a yute don't fidget like "Caadi iskadhig!"
A single move can get your rass fished
Opp block skiddin the tings not missing
If your in site I guess that your p*ssed (bow bow)
Tell a man don't run (why you running)
Bros got slugs for the sawn-off pump
He ain't tryna miss one (not one)
Double tap then cut, I got a smokers lungs
But I hold it up, hold tings from the CID
Same way that opp boys get ducked
On the net your talking crud
Real life your running the f*ck?
Rude boy go suck on your mum (suck on your mum)
We do late night camp out on blocks
Big f*ck off ramzy and dots

[Verse 6: KK]
Lyrics for this song has yet to be released

[Verse 7: 30]
Add K but they don't come round
How many times have we run them down
Skududu bang man love that sound
Skid up skr crash corn then bounce
Kway back then probably j*rk mans ounce
How i just run straight in then out
Kick down the door to your house
Leave man curl up stretch out on couch
That ting jam just just hop and its potent
Invest in smoke I ain't buying no clothes
B gang's way to bunny on road
If buck fiddy done it i was probably involved
B gang til I'm dead
Catch me posted up in the ends
Bros ments he dont care about bread
He just want to fish the bones out your head

[Verse 8: AM]
Diligent, diligent, man's not innocent (Ay)
Shotgun soldier, march like militant (March, march, march)
Man's not billing it, man's intelligent
Pull up on two on anyone's residence
Ku what? Where? Like, man stop gemming it
Nothing got bunned so the gun there celibate
Say you're on man? That's irrelevant
Big Rambo cah the flick dead delicate
Man don't tolerate verbal
Dip man's chest 'til the blood turn purple (Du-du-du-du-du-du)
Hit him with the shell like turtle (Du-du-du)
Freddie and Jason—everyone's circle (Du-du-du)
Buni on the K, that's normal (No)
Doing him at work when he's looking all formal
Doing it and chill that's normal (No)
Cheff man's face in the wound, they're awful (Dip, dip, dip, dip)

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