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PS (Zone 2)

"Da Blocks Hot Freestyle"

P's up ’till I freeze up
Hashtaging black blagging, alla that
Free the guys
Haha, Look

I been out four months
I can't talk what I did
I had to burn some outfits, I ain't forget them kicks, sh*t
Me and Snoopy been ridin’, I didn't buy Thorpe Park tickets
We lost Theresa May, so in the PM we parliament
Cah Brexit started already, we get the rest gone, it's calm
I went to jail already, ain't tryna go back, I'm writing bars
Ironic, now I'm ready, still tryna put man in the past
And I got square pants already, call me SpongeBob cah I role with the Star
Rah, man just lean out the car and if I ain't far, I'll ching up your clart
Don’t you just hate it when when you’re rassin bud, pull on the stub, sh*t-ter
Smoke, tryna make man taste tar, who's in the car? No, rah
He got bored and he got bored, ahh-ahh-ahh, ahh-ahh

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