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Eric Taxxon


[Verse 1]
Microphone heart stopper
Soon to be a chart topper
Dart tosser
Can't drop a dime less you ask proper
Last of the flash portal
Herb got me past mortal
Habit might entice you
Until Bast drop a task for you
Linin' up the different cyattie that you tryna hump
Fly designer pumps with the batty and the china bumps
Mind ya thumb when you string together lines and stuff
Times are tough,you might find yourself a bit behind the jump
Had a bum ting bangin' up his celly
Gyaldem you'd see wilden on free telly
How den is he frownin, at such a brownin
It's simple
She's loud and been having all his pounds spent
Ain't that a lovey dovey tale?
Follow honeys trail dropping money in a well
Running up your dime in exchange for a good time
Least it makes a good rhyme
Come in with the hook lines

[Hook (x2)]
All I'm tryna do is find a quiet place to roll up
Any time for beef is time I use to get my dough up
Ain't nobody perfect we just do the best we can
I'm just here supporting vibes from Atlanta to Japan

Get faded
Get lifted
Get laid out
Get high
Don't pay me
Just listen
Just groove out
Just vibe

[Verse 2]
I used to go on the internet every day
Now my souls got a Ethernet Port like
sh*t when I hop on the Twitter feed all
I see is the combination Overwatch-Fortnite
Back in the days when the streaming didn't work right
Didn't watch nothing couldn't pull enough seeds
Now I get vexed if the megabytes dip, oh sh*t should have really f*ckin' bought it off Steam
n*ggas in a tizzy cuz they getting ripped off
Yet Blizzards getting busy with the boxes you bought
It's capitalism with a Capital C through M. These developers aren't your friends
Next topic
Twitter feed toxic
Another big name did something worth dropping
If I ever get to the point where I'm locking up girls in rooms
To get laid I'm stopping

[Hook (x4)]

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