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Nicole Zefanya


Something, there’s just this
One thing, about you I can’t point out
my heart just won’t let you go for all I know
Good sir, you sure do have a way with words
Your quick wit and sense of humor one of kind you are for sure

I think you know I’m the only one that gets you
I’ve tried before
But it’s impossible to forget you
I know it’s risky but take my hand and we’ll run away somewhere
Preferably with sparkling white sand, I mean like

Does it not bother you that we’re not together?
Does it not bother you at all?
Because it bothers me a whole big lot
Why not we change that while it’s spring so we can hold hands in the fall?
Why don’t you be my knight in shining armor?

Let’s both be brave for the first time
Erase the misconception of love being sappy
Make me yours and I’ll make you mine and we’ll redefine “Happy”
Oh oh

You have the most unorthodox taste in music
You like paradoxes and use it as much as you can
So you sound smart
I can’t get enough of your crazy, antics and how in debates you quibble over
Semantics you’re in a league of your own kind
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